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Acceptable Use Policy

This document, referred to as the Alyrica Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) or Abuse Policy, describes the manner in which you may use Alyrica’s Services. It also describes prohibited practices.

Effective date: February 1st, 2024


“Alyrica” means Alyrica Networks, Inc., of 526 N 19th ST Philomath OR 97370 “Service(s)” means Alyrica’s products, services, software, and web sites
“Abuse” refers to the use of Services in a manner considered by Alyrica technicians and/or the networking community-at-large to be aberrant, harmful, or significantly less than best practice. “Spam” or “Spamming” is unsolicited email.


This AUP applies to all use of the Services. Use of the Services implies acceptance of this AUP, as amended from time to time and published on the Alyrica website. This AUP is in addition to any legal agreements you may already have with Alyrica, including but not limited to the Terms of Service (TOS) and any written Service Agreements. In case of conflicting terms, order of precedence shall be TOS, Service Agreements, AUP.

General Prohibitions

No use of the Service that is illegal or in violation of any state, federal, or local law is permitted. Additionally, any activity that comprises an undue load or burden on the Services, disrupts the ability of others to use the Service, or is for the purposes of cracking or hacking is permitted. All such uses are considered Abuse.  Lastly, unauthorized reselling of the service and/or providing third-party use of the system as described in the Terms of Service (TOS).

General Prohibitions

The following are all specifically prohibited and considered Abuse:

  • Spamming
  • “Phishing”, email or otherwise
  • Bulk e-mailing
  • Bulk broadcast data, including flood pinging, broadcast pinging, multicast, or IGMP use outside of a private network
  • Port scanning
  • Transmission of illegal, questionable, or copyrighted materials including illegal movie or music sharing and pornography


Alyrica, at it’s sole discretion, may terminate, cancel,restrict Service, or take any other action it deems prudent agains users in violation of this AUP.