Here at Alyrica, our Internet service provides you reliable speeds at an affordable price. With no hidden taxes or fees, the price you choose today is the price you pay for as long as you have the chosen plan, no surprises. Serving the Willamette Valley and expanding throughout Oregon.

WiFi that just works

Do you want your WiFi to just work and not have to spend endless hours figuring out which router to buy and how to set it up? We have a solution for you.

Excellent WiFi coverage everywhere

Managed WiFi

Our expert team will come to your home and install a dedicated, carrier class, wireless system ensuring every square foot of your house has excellent WiFi coverage. Now you can roam your house freely with your wireless devices and have excellent service everywhere, being able to fully utilize your high speed, Internet connection.

We will install, manage, and maintain the wireless equipment in your home, with no additional installation fee or equipment for you to buy.

Managed WiFi
$6Per Month/1,500 sqft of Coverage
  • Full Home WiFi Coverage

  • 1,500 sqft of coverage per device

  • No equipment to buy

  • Maintained by our networking professionals

Note: Additional square footage is billed in $6 increments, each covering an additional 1,500 sq ft of internal, connected space.

Alyrica is different

We have over 20 years experience in the local area and we have a NPS of 94 over the past 5 years (compared to 28 which is the industry average for telecommunications)

Here are a few folks we’ve been able to help.

"I have finally decided we needed wifi in our home considering we just moved in last year! I was worried about high pricing, bad service, contracts and not to mention all those crazy install fees. Great communication Great Prices Great Service, Not to mention they’re real people! 😁"
"We love Alyrica. Nobody could get internet service or cable television to our house, so we called Alyrica based on a recommendation. We've never looked back! No data caps, easy upgrade to fiber optic in our area this year, and lightning speeds! Good pricing and stellar customer service and tech support. These people are amazing. 10 out of 10. Do recommend!"