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Here at Alyrica, our Internet service provides you reliable speeds at an affordable price. With no hidden taxes or fees, the price you choose today is the price you pay for as long as you have the chosen plan, no surprises. Serving the Willamette Valley and expanding throughout Oregon.

Rates, Fees, and Refund Policy

Alyrica hourly rates vary depending on the type of work being performed. Hourly rates do not apply to most fixed wireless installations or to flat rate quoted contract work.

Effective date: February 24, 2016

Hourly Rates

Tech 1 Services$95/hr
General computer services, onsite or offsite; PC backup services; equipment installation labor.

Tech 2 Services$175/hr
Server administration; network / wireless / security consulting and engineering; programming and website design.

Onsite and after-hours minimum charge 1 hour; normal Alyrica premises minimum ½ hour. Onsite work is billed for any travel time. “Urgent” and after hours callout rate is 2x normal rate. Holiday callout rate is 4x normal rate and includes all ‘doors closed’ holidays as published in the yearly holiday schedule. Work billed in half-hour increments.

Refund Policy

Because the majority of Alyrica Networks, Inc. business is service, all refunds are at Alyrica Networks, Inc. sole discretion. Any hardware that is sold by Alyrica Networks, Inc. if accepted back, may incur a 20% restocking fee.