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Alyrica Business Interviews – Grout Genius & Platinum Exterior Cleaning

With the COVID-19 crisis, we reached out to businesses that use Alyrica to ask them how things are going and what they are learning.

This interview is not verbatim, but a summary of the answers in an abridged format.

Tell me about your business, how did you get started, what do you do, how do people find you?

I have 2 businesses. The first I started 14 years ago called Grout Genius which does grout and tile restoration and has evolved to natural stone restoration as well. January of this year I also started Platinum Exterior Cleaning which does roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, exterior siding cleaning and driveway cleaning as well.

What things have changed for your business since the COVID-19 crisis; how have you had to adapt?

From the Grout Genius side, most people don’t want people in their house right now which is understandable. On that side, the business has ground down to a stop. I have been reaching out to restaurants letting them know that right now with the kitchen open and the front closed, this is a perfect time for us to come in and clean and restore grout right now since there are no customers in there.

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome during this time?

I am working on how-to videos to put out there for people so they can fix some things themselves as they are sitting it home.

What has been the most inspiring thing that you and your team have done as a result of having to adapt?

I’m able to do a lot of things where I don’t have to actually interact with people. Platinum cleaning just started in January but I can do everything without meeting the person face to face. I can walk around the property, give estimates via email, confirm the work and do the work which has been really nice. People staying home right now are realizing that things still need to be cleaned, especially since they are seeing it all the time!

What do you look forward to most in terms of personal or business life that you are wanting to get back to when we get through this?

Right now the boat ramps are all closed so we can’t go fishing! I also love going kayaking, hiking in the mountains, camping, etc.

Any words of encouragement to people or businesses right now?

Keep grinding! Keep putting things out there to help and educate people.

How can people find your business?

I just give people my cell: 541-954-1164 or visit my website at groutgenius.com

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