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Do You Know That Delivery Robot?

Do You Know That Delivery Robot?

Dax the delivery robot has been making deliveries around Philomath. If you live around Philomath you might have seen him making his way down main street on a delivery, or coming out of La Rockita with a burrito for a local customer.

Most people seem to think that Dax is connected to or owned by Alyrica. This might be because Dax is so friendly that people instantly connect him with friendlier internet, but more probably it’s because Alyrica shares a parking lot with Nova Dynamics, the R&D company that makes Dax, so Dax is always coming in and out of Alyrica’s parking lot. Local business owners who haven’t worked with Dax yet even give Alyrica CSR’s messages for Dax, and this has led to some pretty convoluted paths for messages finally finding their way to their final destination.

Dax seems partial to Alyrica, but a more direct way to contact Nova Dynamics about Dax is through Dax the Delivery Robot’s Website, which has all of Daxbot’s contact info on it, including a telephone number that’s picked up by real people (yay people!!).

Several businesses in Philomath are working directly with Dax, including La Rockita and Eats and Treats. You can call them to order food and get it delivered within Philomath city limits. You could even order a surprise delivery to some of Alyrica’s hard working CSRs, although at this time they’re mainly working from home. Maybe just use the service to get some burritos delivered to your door or something.

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