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Keeping the World Connected: A Tribute to the Internet

Keeping the World Connected: A Tribute to the Internet

In the day to day of working at an ISP, we feel it is important to keep people connected; but now we all understand how important this actually is.

When the pandemic really started taking hold, especially in Europe, I was hearing about trends on the internet and how things have been shifting, what it is taking to keep people connected. Higher network load, can the internet handle the increased demand being placed on it, etc.

There was also another interesting trend – how to be physically distant, but not ‘socially’ distant.

We are all in this together. I would speak to friends in Canada or Australia or all over the United States. It is the same everywhere.

Here are a few of the coolest things I’ve seen happening online since the COVID crisis started

Ways that ‘non-online’ business has adapted to come online

Not only has everyday life adapted to being at home, but businesses have adapted right along as well. We had a great time discussing how to adapt in the first of our webinar series.

  • Virtual Art Galleries
  • Virtual Wedding Shows
  • Bookstores selling online for the first time
  • Restaurants mobilizing their employees as delivery drivers
  • Gyms that teach classes live

It’s inspiring to see how we are all adapting and doing it so well.

The ‘human-ness’ of everyone working from home

One thing that I have noticed in working from home now is that I can allow interruptions more often. Here is what I mean by that; before the telework only scenario we are in, if I took a call or had a web meeting while at home I had to make sure my kiddo didn’t come in and get something from the office while I was on the meeting. Now it happens all the time, and we are finding that it isn’t that big of a deal.

Dogs barking, people coming into the meeting room, noise in the background, etc. is all part of everyone’s workday as a remote worker… and everyone is taking a deep breath and having grace on everyone else for it.

The trend is still moving toward a more remote future

This week Twitter announced that staff can continue to work from home permanently, and California State University is cancelling in-person classes this fall.

Many business leaders the past few weeks talk about these and other trends that we are seeing is a massive shift in the world and the need to keep people connected. Not just the shift we have all experienced the last few months, but a shift that will allow more and more remote and digital education and workplaces in the years to come.

In our webinar this week we explored ways that businesses can shift toward a more full and expansive online presence to keep them relevant in the months and years to come.

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