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What is the Internet?

What is the Internet?

The internet is a network of networks using standardized protocols to communicate.


Alright, it’s not that simple; but it is more simple than people think!

I’ll use myself for example…I have an iPhone that I want to listen to music on through an app since I don’t have the song I want to listen to downloaded to my phone. How in the world do I get that song? I go to the app, search for the song and push play. Yes, that is how I do it; but what is actually going on?

I think most people’s concept of the internet is this:

Concept of the Internet

For most people, this is actually all they WANT to know… either the magic is on or it’s not!

I’ll dive a little deeper (but not too much deeper I hope!) Nerd alert; this is kinda fun for me. If you’d rather just leave it to the magic, no need to read any further!

For you brave souls that have ventured beyond to this sentence, here we go!

Simply put, the internet is a bunch of computers all connected to each other through different data transport mediums (WiFi, fiber optics, etc.) where people are able to get information from one device to another.

Using the same example, here is another (more accurate but still VERY simple) version of how I get to list to the song on my phone.

More Accurate Concept of the Internet

That is still VERY simple; because what does an ISP Network look like?

Glad you asked!

Since we can only speak for ourselves, and because we are predominately a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) this is what it looks like going from a device (like my iPhone) out to the datacenter that has the song I want to listen to:

Even More Accurate Concept of the Internet

Again, this is very simplified, but I found it super helpful when I first started working at Alyrica!

Solution oriented, friendly customer service; that’s Alyrica!

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